Welcome to The New Look Golden Block.

Why is it the Golden Block? Don’t let anyone tell you it is anything to do with the railway(!) but tell them it is because it is my own little block on a server somewhere telling you my story.

Okay… so yes, I was at work brainstorming names and they were talking about a ‘golden block possession’.

It’s me, it’s me; it’s D.W.G.

Come inside and let me show you what I am doing right now. Scroll down to about me or navigate around the site.

The Golden Block

Over the years I have tried many things. Some have failed, some have succeeded and some have been short term gambles. At the moment I have a number of fingers in a number of pies and they can be both complementary and diverse.

Blogging and Writing

Occasionally I post to the Golden Blog and far less than I should. In the past the blog has been random and oblique – a bit like me – and has ranged from what tech I have been using to my views on the far reaches of politics.

You know how blogs go though; you start them, you think about them, you forget them, you let them go stale. It’s a mistake I don’t want to make again and I have some ideas on what I want to talk about. So we shall see how that goes.

I have also in the past syndicated some of my more diverse attempts at work to content sharing sites. So you never know where you will see my name pop-up against an old article.


I have been playing games on and off since the original Playstation. In my teenage years I relied on consoles and a second-hand Atari ST, although I had some friends with games on an IBM 386 and I tried my best to be best friends with them.

Fast-forward though and I am now playing games such as Cities:Skylines and Paladins online and streaming them through my Twitch account. I also take some of the best bits and upload them to YouTube and/or Facebook. I have even been known to stream games of Paladins to Facebook Live…. despite the performance hit.


… whenever I have my cup of coffee I can be found either writing or playing games; so next time you see me and buy me a coffee don’t be surprised if I become opinionated about either the last or the next big thing.

The Day Job

The Day Job

Everyone has to have a day job. I pay my mortgage by working in railway operations, sending trains in the right direction, protecting staff working trackside and dealing with incidents and accidents.

I am one of the three thousand who form the front line of signalmen working to get passengers and freight moving on-time, every time.

Every day is different, I do not know what is going to happen until I walk in that door. How diverse is that! Where I am we manage one of the busiest passenger operations as a route, one of the core freight chords into Southampton Docks across some 200 track miles. One wrong move and trains start queuing.

You don’t want a queue of trains!