Signaller, Writer, Father, Volunteer

Darren Whittenham-GrayI have lived close to home for for almost all of my 33 years and currently based on the Hampshire / Surrey border. I work for Network Rail (also apparently known as “British Rail”) and a volunteer for the Hospital Broadcasting Association; a national support network for hospital radio stations.

I live with my wife and daughter; both of who have my undivided support through some difficult times.


Tinkering with blogs on an occasional basis, there has never really been a lot of success for because of the lack of niche in my work. I used to write on article syndication sites because I have a broad general knowledge in computers and the Internet; and of course much of the work that I do on the railway could be considered sensitive.

On example of a website that I work on when I can is Build My Own Computer.

Network Rail

Looking out from Ash Vale Signal Box

As a signaller for Network Rail, I am one of a dwindling number of professional regulators who keep trains heading in the right direction. Having spent time learning the trade on the now closed signal boxes in Ash Vale and Farnham, I am currently based in the Woking Area Signalling Centre. As the management of the railway network heads toward centralised signalling centres, I am currently working towards a future role in one of the networks new Regional Operating Centres.


Hospital Broadcasting Association

Having formerly been the Chairman of a hospital radio station in Portsmouth; I am currently the Members’ Newsletter Editor and Webmaster of the Hospital Broadcasting Association and have recently relaunched their external and internal website. The HBA are an umbrella organisation supporting over 200 hospital radio stations across the UK.

Unfortunately the amount of work that I do for the HBA means that I can not dedicate any free time to volunteer at a local level.