When a User is Not A User – CiviCRM Woes

I was, almost hypothetically, talking to one of my users during the week about contact records in CiviCRM and when to change them.

They were asked to change the contact details for an organisations representative. So they went into the contact record for the individual concerned and changed the contact details; the name, the address, the e-mail and the telephone number.

So who was the old rep? I don’t know, it has just been wiped. Rather than set up a new individual and associate them with the company, this individual had chosen to change the details for the one already set up. For those of you who don’t know CiviCRM, you can set up relationships between an organisation and an individual; adding, removing and depreciating as required.

Limiting Access

This brings up a whole new range of issues though. At what point do you stop “managers” from messing around with contact records? Those learn’d members of staff who are in charge of you and demand access to everything, yet should get access to virtually nothing.

The level of risk increases every time you do something. In this case I allow a relatively small number of users access to contact editing; something which there is actually a facility to:

  • allow the user to register a new user account
  • allow the company rep to remove themselves and empower a new rep as the primary point of contact

Instruct Before Empower

I am in the midst of writing a range of guides using the DrupalĀ Book option. I think that this must be one of those times when you need to drop whatever you are doing and produce something before the same mistake is made again, and also making a screen shot video, converting it to three different formats to quell the needs of every level of technology user, and making sure that it is secure enough.

Either way, I am not going to be able to bring back the old rep.