When A Scheduled Announcement Goes Wrong

This morning I woke up with a headache. It was not because I was partying in London for the New Year, I am long past partying, but because a planned announcement on a website fell over.

Needless to say I did have a bottle of Prosecco open at 23:55 and it took me until 01:30 to finish it all.

So what was I trying to do with my Drupal? I thought it would be quite simple;

  • Unpublish four or five pieces of content – older things that simply got in the way
  • Publish 2 pages – both time sensitive
  • Use CiviMail to send out a mailshot to around 440 addresses
  • Re-direct an existing page to one of the new pages, on a 302 basis, for about a month.

On the basis of it, although that is a lot going on around the same time, it should not be that taxing for even a shared server.

What I was going to do was simply leave out the re-direct and push our social media efforts to promote the URL of the news article itself. I wish I had.

After posing the question in the Drupal Answers Stack Exchange forum, which is a really useful place to look if you are relatively green to Drupal, I was pointed towards using the rules module. I read it, I actually could see the logic and understanding of what the contributor Pierres Vriens was doing.

I tested it a number of times with test pages and it all seemed to work. So I implemented it for the live event.