Looking back & Looking Forward

It has been almost a month since we have last spoken, or indeed since I have last spoken at you and you have chosen not to listen. It has been a long month, culminating in today, being the first anniversary of my fathers passing. We must always look back though, before we look forward. I have had my time of looking back and now it is time indeed time for me to also look forwards.

This month has not quite gone the way I had hoped in terms of being ‘freelance’. My latest pet project, SlowPsycho, has faltered slightly into the new year. I have come down from the high of becoming an affiliate on my Twitch channel and it is already back to just having me streaming to myself, probably down to game choice, as well as not getting the interaction I had liked.

I say it is down to my game choice. It is probably because I have been head first into a new, excellent, steampunk survival game called They Are Billions (my review) where the basic concept is you get your command center, 4 basic scouts and a soldier. You have to build your colony and survive.

I won’t hide the fact that after 95 hours of gameplay, I have yet to survive on the first of 4 maps. The fact that I have set myself some hard targets is neither here nor there:

  • Of a difficulty rating of 10% to 320% on map 1 – I only play 55% / 75% / 100% / 320%
  • On a game where you can pause the real-time strategy; I make it my policy not to pause to ‘play the game’ only if I need to …. take a comfort break.

You can see many of my attempts on my past broadcasts on Twitch.

But – My First Twitch Subscription

I did, however, receive my first cash subscription from one of the Twitch community during the month.

The Twitch Subscription system allows you to financially support a channel. Some people bleat about it all the time when they stream, they have daily targets shown on the screen, they talk about it all the time, their channel page is littered with advertising.

I don’t do any of that, I have a single note about donations and subscriptions and I have an automated chat bot that will post, but overload the chat while I am playing games for people to watch.

I can guarantee that the Twitch user Kurt_Kurt is not reading, but thank you friend.

“Can I Subscribe?” – Yes and for Free

For a small plug, yes you can.

There are two ways you can subscribe.

  • Go along to my channel, register for an account and hit the purple subscribe button above the stream window. Subscription rates start at $4.99 a month.
  • Create a Twitch account and link it to your Amazon Prime account – I will post an article on Twitch/Amazon Prime at some point – and you get a monthly free subscription to any one channel. If you already have Twitch Prime it is like giving something for nothing.

A Screenshot of the SlowPsycho website

The SlowPsycho.tv Website

Contrary to popular understanding, I do actually have some knowledge of Drupal. So the SlowPsycho.tv website is actually built on Drupal 8 and I have a duplicate test server also running charity focused CiviCRM as well.

The thing is though, things that I was asked to do on a previous Drupal / CiviCRM website and I was openly struggling with, are now working perfectly! One can only wonder as to the reason for that!

No SlowPsycho memberships and automated certificates yet though; I need to find the time to work on the basics.

Review and Previews

I am starting to populate the website with games reviews and little snippets of code that seem to work to a small degree. You will be able to find a growing list of games that I have archived or I am waiting to play at the new My Games page. It is still building, I have to find the right balance of game logo and description, and I can not decide how to inject and display the link to any review I have written about each game I play.

I have not, however, gone back and reviewed older games that I no longer play. I am nodding towards things like Cities in Motion and Dirty Bomb, but it means re-installing the games, digging out the press packs and for what? No-one buys games older than 6 months now!

Coming up though, will hopefully be my look at Civilization VI DLC (downloadable content pack) Rise and Fall. If I can get into Stellaris from 2016/17 and Crusader Kings II from 2006(!) then I will be reviewing them too. You may see a slight bias right now toward Paradox Interactive games right now.

Build My Own Computer

Yeah, I forgot about that website too. I have not touched that in what seems to be an eternity. I did look back at it last year when I was upgrading my main gaming rig for SlowPsycho work, but I don’t remember doing much updating.

That is something that I need to work on, if only because it is still getting the most views of all my work!

My Targets – February

I want to write more, I want to game more, I want to stream more. So I have set myself some targets that I want to share, because I want you to berate me, chastise me and tell me off when I don’t reach them.

  • Write at least 400 words per day; on either Golden Blog, Build My Own Computer or SlowPsycho
  • Start writing proper ideas and opinion content, right here on Golden Blog
  • Write or update and average of 1000 words per day across the websites (some days are better than others)
  • Stream 60 hours of gameplay across the month on my Twitch Channel
  • Get a second Twitch subscriber – as well as not losing the first one!

As you can see, I am rapidly reaching my 1000 word target for average words, it is just a shame that I am writing this on 30th January, otherwise I would tick it off my list.

What are your targets for February? Apart from no longer reading the Golden Blog, that is!