Review – Airport CEO (PC)



It’s not often that I will buy a game on Steam that is new and on Early Access. Something about Airport CEO made me go back though, time and time again; so let’s see if it was worth me buying the game.

This review will be written over a number of days. Check back soon for new sections and tips. It is important to remember that this is a very early Alpha game in Early Access – there will be bugs and there will be things that need to change.

This article was last updated on 26 November 2017 and the current version is 23.3-4 – Apoapsis Studios are currently updating and patching Airport CEO on a regular basis.

Waiting at the Gate

So let’s make this as simple a summary for the game: You are the Airport CEO.

The current trend of top-down, 2D simulations appears to be continuing as you take a cartoon look at being the next owner of BAA and rushing off to apply for a consultant position at Heathrow Airport.

Whether you are building the check-in desk queues, bolstering the security, or simply decreasing the discount in the Duty Free, this game looks like it has potential. Over the coming days I am going to be playing Airport CEO on my Twitch channel as well as updating this review.

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