Publishing From FitBit to Facebook

When I invested in my FitBit Blaze four months ago I wanted to do one thing; shame my body into shape. I wanted automation to stop me intervening in the process of telling all my friends how bad I was at eating, boozing and not exercising and it looked very promising. The problem is that FitBit was not as social as it is cracked up to be, and that was a dilemma.

What I am going to do here is show exactly what FitBit can, and can not, embarrass you with. I will also tell you how to get the rest in place.

Social Media and the FitBit Dashboard

So I use the FitBit dashboard mostly on my Samsung Note4 smartphone but you can use it on any Android device as well as a Trusted Windows App – I am not sure if it is ‘Trusted’ in the same way as Apple screen apps in their AppStore; but hey, it’s all marketing gimmicks.

Don’t Rely on Your Apps

The first really confusing issue that you can not manage your social media accounts through either the Android or the Windows Apps. What you have to do is log in to your FitBit account though the good old trusty web browser and in my case Google Chrome.

So I am going to skip through all the process of logging in and showing you how to do that… if you have a FitBit and you are already using an App of some kind then I am not going to teach you how to suck (healthy, good for you and great sunny-side up) eggs. The URL that you need to edit your sharing settings is

and you will come to a screen like this, albeit without my Twitter account information…. of course:

Sharing on the FitBit Dashboard

At this point you can go ahead and link your FitBit account to your Twitter and hey presto, select a daily or weekly tweet and it will be posted automatically to your Twitter account using the script that it shows you. Here is one of mine from recently:

Thankfully I don’t think that anyone really reads my Twitter account as I know some of my followers are FitBit users themselves, but they have never thought to become friends on my FitBit. It is kind of embarrassing when you still struggle to reach the dizzy heights of 10,000 steps on a daily basis!

Don’t Rely on FitBit at all!

Have you noticed what is missing though? Facebook! Apparently you used to be able to connect the two accounts together and automate the embarrassment process between your exercise ad your friends. I have as few interested friends on Facebook as I have on Twitter, so lets work out how to annoy them all.

Most importantly you are going to need another third-party software to help you, called IFTTT.

IF This Then That

IF This Then That (IFTTT) is a free web service that for the very basic can help you automated a few things, but for the more complex can help you automated your whole life and make things not only more productive, but give you more time about more things to be more productive about… still with me?


So, if you want to delve into the world of productivity and automation with IFTTT then have a good rummage as there are over 200 different channels (aka connectable apps and devices) that may interest you from your e-mail account and social media, to MailChimp, BMW and GE Appliances…. yes all that home automation you hear about taking over the world is almost all on IFTTT!

A Simple IFTTT Recipe

So what we want to do is post some FitBit information daily to our Facebook account. Well I do, so that is what I am going to show you to do. Just like with FitBit Dashboard, you need a new account for IFTTT, it does not need to be a matching e-mail address or the same password as you will be connecting your various accounts very shortly.

First Screen of a New IFTTT Account

If you are brand new to IFTTT then this is what you see. It looks really easy and you might want to explore the random first recipe that it generates for you (mine was IF the weather forecast says it will rain tomorrow THEN e-mail me)

The place where we want to start though is at because we already know that we want to create a recipe with our FitBit and our Facebook accounts.

So to demonstrate how to connect your accounts, simply type FitBit into the search bar on the channels page and click on the FitBit icon when it appears and it will either already see your FitBit profile on your Windows App, or prompt you to connect with a bit Connect Button:

IFTTT & FitBit Connect

If you have not previously logged onto FitBit on your computer and allowed it to remain logged on, nor you use the FitBit App; then you will need to log on to your FitBit account and authorise IFTTT to work.

Likewise you need to connect your Facebook account to IFTTT, authorising it to post to your wall so that it can publish what you want everyone to see…. or not.