I’m Not As Good As I Thought I Was

Words like that are inevitable. Sometimes you have to acknowledge yourself as at the pinnacle of your Peter Principle and I think I have managed to do that.

The Peter Principle is quite simple; get promoted to the point of incompetence. I am probably not alone in being able to name at least one person to whom the Peter Principle applies; but I think I have finally found my own.

So where does it all begin?

The Damned Website

Where would it always begin? I am currently in the process of fire-fighting what was a poor understanding of what we wanted, and let the development overrun for what seemed an eternity.

Now though I am stumped in something that seems so simple that a six-year-old probably knows the answer. I probably do know the answer but I am heeding one of those big warning notices, you know, like a Snickers may contain nuts.

So, each of our member radio stations have their own public profile; one they can update with all kinds of information like website, address and social media profiles.

All this was set up and looked good. I thought I had tested it’s ability to react to changes, but whenever we add or change a link to a social media profile it’s like nothing wants to update it.

What should happen is quite simple, someone pastes in a link to their Facebook profile in the appropriate box and Views reads that and links it to a Facebook icon. We already have profiles with it in place, so updating to it should not be an issue. The problem I have found though is that although a user can change the link, and it shows up in CiviCRM as present, their little f icon never appears.

The Oddities of CiviCRM Custom Fields

You know what? I am not even sure where the problem lies here. Usually I have a good idea and will seek clarification, but I am not even sure where to begin!

  • Cache Updates can’t be an issue – core contact information is readily updating.
  • Malformed Links are not the issue – I have checked the link myself and checked the format against other profiles.
  • Pre-launch links work which would indicate that there is either an issue with Views not searching for new content in that field.

Sitting on the train though, I am struggling to suss out any other possibilities about this. To be honest my day job is taking much of my focus than my voluntary work at the moment, the mortgage would suffer otherwise, but I really must check how the Twitter custom field reacts as well as when I change a profiles link that was already there.

Work awaits for now though and I don’t think the answer to delay a train at a signal is well Drupal views is throwing up this problem boss where…….