Review | FitBit Blaze – First Impressions

It’s rare that I get the chance to indulge in some tech spending, but I have just gone and bought myself a fitness tracker-come-smat watch to try and sort out my distinct lack of exercise.

Fitbit Blaze

Yes I know I go to the gym (and still usually three time a week) but I know I can do more.

So while I stress from trying to work out how to be a webmaster (yes I know…. I have not blogged on that for a while ) I de-stress by lifting weight.

So this is where I start ranting about things.

Actually, things have not been too bad so far. I was expecting to the spending the first six hours struggling with low-power Bluetooth tethering, over complicated apps and over enthused stepping; but I’m not.

Blaze-ing Out of The Box

The first thing is about how simple it is to set up your fitbit Blaze. All you get in the box is your smart watch, your proprietary charger (rant 1 coming up…..) and this massive instruction manual:

A card directing your to the Fitbit website

I mean… that’s it? You spend a day’s wages on a watch and you have to set it up in a Web browser?

< More Coming up after this rant, sponsored by my sanity >

Rant: Proprietary Chargers

If everyone but Apple can do it – and they will eventually – why in the blue blaze are we still getting unique-to-product chargers?

Rant Over

So I fired up the fitbit web browser and it directed me to the Google Play Store to download the fitbit software as I was on my smartphone and it was actually really as easy as


the fitbit app found the watch, connected to it and prompted me to install the latest updates for the watch.

For even the laziest fitness tech enthusiast this is simple and there was enough battery to last me from late afternoon to bed time Tinkering and playing with my new toy.

It’s now 6am though I have already been up 2 hours and after doing some preparation for the National Hospital Radio Awards announcements on the HBA website, it is actually now time for me to earn another fitbit blaze, so check back in a few days for an update on how I am getting on.

In a bit of an experiment, this post was written completely on the WordPress Android App and edited later on a proper computer.