The Golden Block was originally meant for me to be able to have a personal blog about anything. Times change and the direction of corporate requirements, namely that I can’t talk about anything meant that I just had a page full of ramblings that became incoherent.

What I do like to talk about though is some of the things that you will also find on my Twitter; trains, tech and charity.


If you have not worked it out already I work in the rather large and ambiguous industry of “railway.” The railway has a massive range of jobs from the Chefs and Bar Staff of a management headquarters to the train drivers, cleaners and planners.

Over the last 10 years I have learnt a lot about the railway, most of it I will have to wait until I retire to tell you, but until then I will offer my own deranged insight into the stories of the day. 

You won’t find me promoting the concept of Driver Only Operation, nor talking much about active incidents or cases, but everything in between is probably going to get covered.


I don’t get as much into tech as I would love to. I spend a lot of time pretending to know what I am talking about as a webmaster, but I can also turn my hand to hardware, gaming and software.

I am entirely self-taught. I can build and install a computer without a problem, but as you will see from some of my blogging that I have great difficulty setting up a local website development environment. I have a lot of big changes I want to do, and only a live website to do them… no… just no.


I will also talk a little about charity from time to time. Having worked with charities since the mid-1990’s I have seen some of the best and worst that charities and their management have to offer. I am no expert, but then nor were some of the people I could tell you stories about.

Some of my really old content can be found on the Internet at places like InfoBarrel and Squido… oh wait they closed down.